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I Love My Job And My Job Loves Me Back!

Building this business is time consuming. I'm putting everything I have into it and my hard work is paying off. I received customers from my Google Business listing. I've received customers as referrals from Veterinarians. I've had many repeat customers. What all this tells me is I am doing something good. A service with quality. My clients see how I've raised my dogs to have the best health. They agree that kennels aren't ideal for all dogs. They agree that socializing our dogs is very important.

This is my first business. I am a Woman Disabled Veteran Small Business Owner. It seemed like odds were stacked against me all these years. These characteristics placed fear in me that I would fail if I tried to start a business. Quite the opposite has happened and I'll tell you why.

  1. I'm doing something I love

  2. I have purpose through helping the Clinton Animal Shelter,, as well as clients who want peace of mind when leaving their pets with me.

  3. I'm so fascinated with dogs that I can spend a whole day reading and watching videos and learning all I can.

  4. I'm human and when I make mistakes I'm not hard on myself. I aim to never make the same mistake twice and I learn from my mistakes.

  5. I'm trustworthy

  6. I have Army Values and other military related people understand and respect these values including: leadership, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity and personal courage.

  7. I have made friends with people most would consider competitors. I've talked with a reputable and established Dalmatian Breeder and Owner of , Jessica Harris for years. We've discussed stud services to produce Liver LUA Dalmatian pups and we are going to a convention together in January! I cannot wait to meet her in person!

  8. I don't just talk the talk. I walk the walk. I'm happy to announce that I have added four more lovely paws into our den! I am fostering Navaeh from the Clinton Animal Shelter,

I'm fortunate to have found a job I love; and my job loves me back. When you hear that calling, listen. It's such a gift to enjoy what you do. It's the best case scenario for high performance, lack of burnout, self development and this light will imminate from you and touch others. This is the way to truly satisfied customers and a team of people who want to see you succeed.

Thank you all for following, liking, sharing, reading, watching, and cheering for me on this journey. I hope you are smiling right now, I'm tickled pink!

Now go on and submit those cutesy little Howl-O-Ween pet costume photos and get in there and vote for your favorite one. Someone is going to get 2 free days of boarding! That's $70 in value!

A weekend away with your sweetheart.

A trip you have to take for work and need a place you can trust to watch your baby.

Two whole days of fun and socialization for your favorite little furball!

Check it out at this link:

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