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Dog Waving Paw

Board and Train

$1200 / Three Weeks (Rate increases in January to $2000)


3 Weeks of Fun

  • Socializing with other dogs

  • Shaded yard to run in

  • The sounds and smells of a home environment

  • Free roam of the house

  • Daily 45 minute individual training lesson

  • Walks in public places including stores and the Clinton Square

  • Tons of tug of war and fetch

  • Treats galore!

Week One - Bonding, Attention Getter, Climb, Free


Week Two - Sit, Down, recall and introduction to e-collar if applicable


Week Three – Heel; loose leash walking in public


One Private Lesson Each Week

  • We will dedicate one hour to one-on-one private instruction with you here at our facility. You are encouraged to bring family members that interact with the dog along.

  • We will focus on your goals whether it is beginning, intermediate, or advanced obedience or stopping problematic behaviors.

  • You will learn the most important principles of dog training.

  • Hands on learning where you take the leash and practice with your dog.

Learn the Principles of Dog Training

  • Timing, Consistency, Motivation, Markers, Tone of Voice, Leash Pressure


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