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Choosing a Dog Trainer

Please do your research when picking a dog trainer.

Your dogs training needs are unique. Find out if they offer private one on one or group training.

See if you can come watch a training session.

Did they do an apprenticeship or earn a certificate from a reputable source?

Are they licensed? Inspected? Vet approved? Have references? How are their reviews?

Are they a member; and hold at least an A rating, of BBB?

Speak with the trainer to get a feel for their personality and people skills before making a decision. It’s not enough to read the brochure or website.

Be sure that they teach things beyond basic obedience training. Do they teach about dog behavior, communication and how dogs learn?

Do they do a thorough evaluation of your dog before agreeing to train them?

Listen to your gut instinct. Follow your own intuition and perception.

Observe your dog around them. What kind of vibe is your dog sensing? After training begins watch for signs of stress and injuries.

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